Fitness Access

Fitness Center Waiver

  • The undersigned ("Member") hereby acknowledges that use of the Fitness Center is strictly at the sole risk of the Member and that the Lessor/Owner and the their agents and assigns shall under no circumstances be liable for any injury or damage of any kind sustained by the undersigned while using said Fitness Center. Member hereby waives, for the benefit of the Lessor/Owner and their agents and insurers, any and all claims, causes of action or other rights of any kind that otherwise might exist against any of them with respect to such use.

    Member is aware that service personnel of any sort are not provided by Lessor/Owner at the Fitness Center nor do they provide any training of any nature. Member agrees to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner while using the Fitness Center and shall dress in an appropriate manner for fitness and equipment use, and shall use equipment in a safe, orderly and efficient manner. Member shall immediately notify Management in they discover any seemingly unsafe or hazardous condition relating to the exercise equipment.

    All personal property, while in the Fitness Center, is the Member’s sole responsibility and the Owner and/or Owner’s agents assume no liability for loss or damage. Each member should provide their own lock for lockers. Management reserves the right to remove all locks left on lockers nightly (where appropriate).

    No food, liquor, minors or animals are allowed in the Fitness Center.

    The Fitness Center is available to Member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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